Groundwater Contamination In Gulu

  • 80,000-100,000 people in Gulu rely upon groundwater sources for their drinking and hygienic needs.

  • Tragically, more than half of Gulu's groundwater sources have levels of bacteriological contamination that pose a threat to human health through the spread of waterborne diseases such as Typhoid and Dysentery.

  • Water & Health For All is systematically mapping, testing, and assessing all of Gulu's groundwater sources to target our interventions to serve Gulu's most vulnerable communities. Feel free to explore our interactive (and continually updated) map of groundwater contamination in Gulu, seen below.  For best viewing results, click here to open our map in a separate window. 

“At any given time, close to half the population of the developing world is suffering from waterborne diseases associated with inadequate provision of water and sanitation services. There are about four billion cases of diarrhea disease per year, resulting in about one or two million deaths, some ninety percent of which, tragically, are in children under the age of five.”
— Natural Resource Analyst Erik Peterson, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies